>And Now For Something Completely Different…

>I started writing something completely different yesterday.  I know.  I’m difficult.  In my defense giving me a project  aka the writing competition makes me put pressure on myself and then my subconscious kicks in with an excellent distraction; ta dah – a whole new story! 
This one has a title and a couple of thousand words already, it’s amazing what you can do when you are trying to avoid something else *rolls eyes*
I’ll post some as I go but so far it is called Death’s Daughter is set in modern day London and is about a 29 year old kick-ass witch called Sam (she is Star’s second cousin – family outcast) involves a murder mystery, angels, lost souls and lots of paranormal activity.  Well what did you expect??

4 responses to “>And Now For Something Completely Different…

  1. >Oh excellent Chantal!!!Now I'm not so sure this is children's material though. LOL jkGlad to see you writing again. Isn't it just a lovely feeling to be writing again. I sure did miss it.

  2. >Hmm, I did leave a comment earlier today but it's not appeared :(Like the title, and the story sounds interesting! Good luck with it!

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