>Poll – Help!!

>Hi as you can see I have posted a poll (and changed the background to make it easier to read the question) and would appreciate your thoughts on which is the best name for a good baddie, or a bad goodie.
I thought the meanings might help;
Conn is Gaelic and means Chief
Drake means Dragon and comes from the Greek for serpent
Cormac is another Gaelic one and has several theories such as Son of Raven or Impure Son
Thanks for voting 🙂


16 responses to “>Poll – Help!!

  1. >Conn or Drake, for me. Drake for the reason Pippa stated above, and Conn because despite the Gaelic meaning, it also sounds like 'Con' as in con-artist. 🙂

  2. >Drake says baddie to me but I do kind of like Conn – and the connotations that the sound of that name has when applied to a bad guy.

  3. >I voted for Cormac just because I like the sound better. Don't want to be rude but Drake sort of reminds me of ducks! But I can see the attraction of derivation from 'draconian' so then I thought Draco would be better but I guess that name's been done by JRR. So perhaps you could coin Dracon? But any would work.Diana

  4. >By the way I finally worked out how I could comment on your blog with Chrome. Instead of choosing OpenID I chose WordPress but didn't add the wordpress.com at the end and it worked. ???

  5. >Ducks!! Of course!! Why didn't I think of that?? I kept thinking of Drake and Josh which was enough to put me off a little anyway and my hubby pointed out that they refer to Dracula as Drake in the film Blade 3.This character was originally called Marcus – but it just didn't seem quite right.Anyway – thanks very much for your votes and comments 🙂

  6. >Did that mean Cormac won? Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my latest six. And I love the picture too, although Dephon (the bully) is not as cute as the photo, lol.

  7. >Maybe – I'm not sure, the votes were a draw but it does look like Cormac won. I've been away enjoying the gorgeous weather and although I brought my laptop it is much easier to read on a sunny beach than write. I know, I know – I'm bad 😦 such a flake 😦 😦 and now I'm back at work I'm totally exhausted in the evenings. The story is brewing though. Think I may have developed the plot a bit more. Just need to buck up and write the damn thing!Oh and no prob Pippa, I always enjoy the sixes :)I shall look forward to the next on Sunday.

  8. >Lol, I get my best ideas for writing on the beach! Hope you had a nice time, and I'm sure the story will come.And thanks -I love doing the six sentence thing, altho returning the reads is becoming a marathon!Maybe you should have a go at doing some sixes yourself?Your comment on the Grammar Divas only came up the once. I could have posted pages of their stuff to be honest, it's all good. Especially after reading pages and pages saying 'you must not do this or do that!'And post my query letter? Hmmm, maybe. I've seen others do it, but not sure if I should. :-/

  9. >Me again! You're going to end up with the longest comment stream all dominated by me, lol. Thanks for stopping by my latest six and commenting. 🙂

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