>I’ve been writing…

>So after the drought comes the rain – not an actual downpour but there has been a definite increase in my writing.  I am upto chapter 3 and about 5000 words into Death’s Daughter.  I wasn’t expecting to be writing this story at all, I haven’t done any outlining and am just editing and researching as I go – which I know is not recommended but it seems to be working so far.  I have even had a plot development arrive in a dream which is much easier than my normal route so I think this is what I should be writing and I’ll get back to Star when I’m not trying to force it.
Oh and I think Cormac is starting to grow on me, although it does sound a bit too nice to be a reeeeaaally bad boy – but now Drake makes me think of ducks too 🙂

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  1. >Thanks Gayle, a lot of that will have to be re-written as I tend to do a lot of info drops in the world building, but it's a good enough start 🙂

  2. >I am mightily impressed – I still cannot contemplate how I could write a whole book. At the moment, I think I am only practising with short pieces. Looking forward to reading some extracts!Diana

  3. >Ah well I didn't say it was any good! I am now up to eight and a half thousand words and three and a bit chapters, I'm just having some friends read it and then (after some editing from the no doubt tough crit I'm about to receive) I might post some bits and bobs :)I have to say I cannot stop thinking about it!

  4. >Well done! I think there has to be a bit of good in the bad guys to make them believable, to help people fall under their (metaphorical) spell, to get away with things. They have to be convincing. Good luck with the rest xx

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