Hello and welcome to my new home on the web.

I had such a weird day today:

First of all some utility work men knocked on the door at 7:30 am as they needed access to dig up our garden – seriously??  On the plus side if you need a place to hide a couple of bodies…

Then I got drenched riding to work – everything was soaked through, EVERYTHING.

But then something good (swap ‘good’ for ‘fantabulously cool’) happened, I found this fantastic pic of a London Skyline (check out my header) on the web and I emailed the hugely talented photographer, Michael Murphy, to beg his permission to use it and – yup, you guessed it HE SAID YES (sorry, had a man from Del Monte moment)

So to see some truly stunning photography visit his wicked awesome site: murphyz

4 responses to “Woohoo!!

  1. Well, you could always go indie and use them! I don’t really know about UK publishers, but some of the US ones I’m looking at say they will consider an author’s input on the cover. Most, however, say that they have their own cover design team and don’t accept artwork from elsewhere. 😦

  2. And seriously, some of those covers are so bad I’m just glad I have a kindle so no one can see how embarassing it is!

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