Sign me up baby…

I’ve just signed up for Six Sentence Sunday *gulp* if you don’t know what that is then check it out here: six sentence sunday

I’m planning on posting consecutive sentences from Death’s Daughter here so please pop back and take a peek.

6 responses to “Sign me up baby…

  1. Squeeee! The Six Sunday bunch are really nice people. You should check out and sign up to the forum on their new website.

  2. I’m not sure what I’m doing here! Want to comment so you know I’m reading your stuff but I don’t know what six sentence Sunday is to be fair. Heyho WOOHOO anyway matey x

  3. Mezzzzzzza!!!! Click the link if you want to know more but it’s a writing thing – so you have been warned, oh yeah and come back here Sunday to see my six sentences and leave more comments, muhahahaha!
    Thank you for reading my stuff 🙂

  4. Good for you – every week I think I want to do it then by Sunday morning I’ve had a ‘doh!’ moment when I realize it’s too late! Maybe I should take the plunge today while I have my wits about me.

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