Six Sentence Sunday # 2

Welcome to this weeks offering to Six Sentence Sunday where participants post six succulent snippets of their work.

This six is staying with my WiP, Death’s Daughter.  We are still at the funeral, our girl was lost in thought about how happy the widow was that her old boss (aka the deceased) left the biz to her and then…

As the crowd streamed forward to grab fistfuls of dirt to drop on the coffin, my eye snagged on a tall hunk of gorgeous staring me down.  He was toward the back of the group and I caught snapshots of him in between passing mourners.  About six foot and then some, broad shouldered with golden shoulder length hair.  He glowered with anger.  At me.  Between one person in a black suit he was there, and the next – he was gone.

So there you have it.  Thank you to those people who leave comments, I love reading them.

And don’t forget to click the link to find the other participants.  Happy reading 🙂

29 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday # 2

  1. Woah, you’re early, lol! Well, I’ll just leave my comment now then. I like how the man is angry at the protagonist. Very unexpected and makes the reader want to know why. Great six!

  2. Intriguing situation and possible danger. The first thing she notices about him is his good looks and now he’s paying her the wrong kind of attention. Mysterious six!

  3. Great introduction of the good-looking guy. The hero, maybe? Good writing: “tall hunk of gorgeous” and “snapshots.” I can’t wait tor read more of this WIP.

  4. Ooh why’s he angry? I want to know more – is he the bad guy or the love interest? Hopefully the love interest and he won’t stay angry long.

  5. Oooh I kind of want to tell you all now…but maybe I’ll make you wait 😉
    Thank you all so much for taking the time to time to read over my humble offering – you guys are the coolest!

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