Six Sentence Sunday # 3

Hello fellow sixers and anyone else who finds themselves here.

This week continues at the funeral from my work in progress: Death’s Daughter

The widow is talking to our girl…

‘You will come to the do, won’t you Samantha?’ 

Samantha is not my real name, but it’s too complicated to explain to those outside the community.  ‘Umm, sure,’ that’s me and my large vocabulary.

‘Och’ and wouldn’t you know who had the cheek to show here?’ she stage whispered so the detectives would hear. 

They had told me I was the last person to see Fin alive.  Yay me.

I had to butcher the original to make this fit into six – but I think it’s better for it.  Thank you for reading and a special thanks to those who leave comments – I love reading them.

Click here to find out what Six Sentence Sunday is all about – you might even find some wonderful writers to follow like I have.  Have fun x

25 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday # 3

  1. I like the intensity or discomfort these six conjure up for me. More please.
    Quotes look okay to me. I’m assuming the ‘ on the end of och is that it is abbreviated.

    • Thanks Liz, that’s right on the quotes – I use single ‘ instead of ” now since the requirements for the course requested them – I might change it back though if it is confusing.

  2. I’m with Rebecca on this one. I enjoyed the mystery about what is going on. Also really like the sense of character you’ve given us. Nicely done!

  3. Wonderfully done, I want to know exactly what is going on. I like the voice you have given me for her. Thank you.

  4. Yep, you need to post more and let the fellow Sixers discover more about the mysterious ‘Samantha’. Great snippet (but you already know that), and as always you write the inner dialogue so well.

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