Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to another Sunday update from Death’s Daughter, which I haven’t been working on this week as I’ve been ill – not writing has been driving me crazy!

Sam has just arrived at the wake held at her local pub where her best friend Carrie works…

It was busy, but apparently Fin had a provision in his will to put a thousand pounds behind the bar.  “I’ll have a couple of fingers of Glen.”

“Feeling nostalgic?” she rolled her eyes at me as she reached for the top shelf bottle.  Glenfiddich was Fin’s tipple, I used to take the mickey out of an Irish man drinking Scottish whiskey.  “Ice?” Carrie gestured at the bucket.

“Don’t be a heathen,” I mimicked Fin who had considered it sinful to water his whiskey down.

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43 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Nice six, I like the feeling of reminiscence and remembrance – it feels a little wistful – her having his favorite drink.

  2. Ha, I can just hear the “don’t be a heathen” mimickery in my head! Great stuff!

    (sorry to hear you’ve not been well, hope you’re better now).

  3. I hear ya on the pain of missing out on writing and wish you a speedy recovery. As for the snippet, what a simple and wonderful device to show the characters’ connection. You give a lot of depth with only a brief exchange. Nice!

  4. Lots of good characterization! Sorry you have been ill and I hope you are feeling better soon. I have been having shoulder problems and that is no fun!

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