Six Sentence Sunday

Hey – it’s Sunday again which means another snippet from the WiP, Death’s Daughter (and it really has been whipping my butt this week).

We are still at the pub and our girl is wondering what to do with the P.I business that Fin left to her in his will. ‘Community’ is referring to the magick community…

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do, I’m a bit of a community leper so they might not let me play.  And his other clients  are unlikely to take his ‘secretary’ very seriously.  Of course I wasn’t really his secretary, I wasn’t his lover either.  Ergh, gross.   I was his back up and had saved his life several times using my special talent.  Just substitute the word ‘special’ for ‘dark’ and often ‘terrifying’.

Check out the other sixers to discover new treasure!  And a special thanks to those of you who leave comments – you all totally rock 🙂

37 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Nice six, I liked learning more about their relationship and also that she doesn’t exactly ‘fit’ in the community. More please! Your internal dialogue is always interesting to read – flows nicely.

  2. Terrific characterization here. That little bit of vulnerability makes her intriguing.

  3. Ohhh, I like the secretary who isn’t. Yes, very intriguing girl. I’ll be back to learn more about her and the boss who makes her scowl.

  4. ‘Ergh, gross’ – lol, poor Fin!

    As always, a superb snippet and loving Sam’s voice!

  5. Excellent characterization for what sounds like an interesting story.

  6. Ooo intriguing indeed. I’m left wondering what on earth this talent of hers, that she perceives as dark and often terrifying, could be. Fab six!

  7. I was going to type “intriguing” then saw all the other comments that used that word….but really no other word will do, so ditto the above 🙂

  8. Still trying to catch up on all the Sunday 6’s. What really comes out in yours is the voice. I normally don’t read books in first person POV, just a quirk of mine, but I would read yours precisely because that first person voice is so natural and at the same time unique. It feels like a real person talking to me and not just words on paper. Please, keep them coming!

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