Kung Fu Fighting

I had fully intended to settle down to some serious writing last night but then my hubby called from the living room to tell me The Big Boss was on.

To understand my excitement you have to know that I grew up in the era of Monkey Magic

and Hong Kong Phooey.

And I have older brothers who heavily influenced what we watched on TV and then played after (it may just have been an excuse for them to beat up on their annoying little sis though) so Bruce Lee was one of my childhood heroes.

The Big Boss in particular has the most awful dubbing, sound effects  and the most hilarious sound tracks that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a film.  Oh and the blood is a fantastic crimson too.  Some might prefer Enter the Dragon but I have always had a soft spot for this one.

To see what I mean here is the final fight scene

Anyway Kid 1 is having a Buffy Birthday Sleepover tonight (can’t imagine where she got the vamp fetish from *whistling*) so I am going to hide out on my computer and catch up with the work in progress.

Unless of course my hubby tempts me with Fists of Fury or Sword of Vengeance…