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Hi everyone – welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, where writers share a six sentence snippet.

This is from a work in progress called Death’s Daughter to catch up on the story so far feel free to read my other SSS postings by clicking on home and scrolling down.

We are still at the bar after Fin’s funeral…

‘Did you know you were the last person to see Finbar Kelly alive?’

The detective was sliding onto the stool beside me and trying to catch the eye of anyone behind the bar, but Carrie and her dad were loyally ignoring him. 

I took the opportunity for a closer inspection, the last time we met he was telling me about Fin’s body being found in a graveyard.  I don’t think I was what he was expecting a secretary to look like.  He wasn’t what I expected a police detective to look like either, all blue eyes and winning smiles.  I’d have to watch this one.  

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and comment, reading them eggs me on no end 🙂

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44 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Interesting description twist at the end with the detective being ‘all blue eyes and winning smiles’ – I was expecting Columbo. I like the way this is headed!

  2. lol, yeah I agree with Liz. She must have been watching too much Inspector Morse or Columbo. Great snippet!

  3. all blue eyes and winning smile! Oh yes, she’ll have to watch that one indeed. Another fab six, Chantal. I am enjoying your sixes so much, the story has me hooked in xx

  4. This is my first time participating in SSS so I missed the other posts, but this story sounds awesome! Love the name. I will definitely be coming back to read more!

  5. I agree with Bree, the pacing is wonderful. And, there’s a wonderful, subtle tension building. Nicely done six!

  6. Sounds like one or both of them may soon be in trouble, and not the strictly legal kind 🙂 BTW, couldn’t help but scrolling down your blog, I too love Bruce Lee and have never recovered from his loss.

    • Thanks for your comments Sondra and for having a look at my other postings. Bruce Lee’s sudden loss was definitely tragic and was then mirrored by his son’s – so sad.

  7. “Carrie and her dad were loyally ignoring him” is a great way to show the relationship dynamic without getting into a lot of detail – very nice touch. I like that possible hint of things to come in the last paragraph.

  8. I love this scene, especially since they’re in her territory and she has the implied support of Carrie and her dad. Your heroine sounds like a woman in charge.

  9. Interesting: things I’d want to know is why Carrie and her dad are covering for the narrator, how she looks different from the detective’s hypothetical notion of a secretary, and for that matter her hypothetical notion of a detective. A lot to pack into six lines.

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