Six Sentence Sunday # 7

Welcome to another Sunday’s snippet. These six follow from last week, feel free to scroll down to catch up with the action.

Our girl Sam is still talking to the detective at the wake…

‘So I hear.’

‘You have to wonder what he was doing in Highgate Cemetery at midnight on Halloween,’  he said.

‘Dunno – maybe looking for cheap thrills.’

‘Oh right, you were here weren’t you?  Celebrating your birthday, Samhain.’  He said my name like he was revealing the murderer at the end of a mystery weekend.

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36 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday # 7

  1. I’m completely intrigued by the stage you’ve set. And I love her name. Looking forward to the next six.

  2. Nice taut dialogue with a twist at the end… guilt by association? Sometimes a name is just what your parents decided to call you, and sometimes it’s something more. of course, I want to know which.

  3. I like the tone of voice you gave the character in the last line. Interesting choice for a person’s name too.
    C.R. Moss

  4. What WAS he doing in Highgate Cemetery at Midnight on Halloween? Intriguing! Great six 🙂

  5. Intriguing back and forth between the characters! In just those six sentences, many threads to pull the reader forward. Great name reveal in the last sentence!

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