Best Ice Cream Ever…

I should probably be keeping very quiet about this find, but I like you so I’ll share…

I sent my hubby out on an ice cream mission (okay I’ll admit it – I do have a problem with chocolate AND ice cream, but hey – I gave up smoking thirteen years ago, a girl has to have a vice) only he couldn’t find what I wanted. Did he give up and come home to me empty handed? Hell no. He went to deepest darkest Tesco – on a SATURDAY (is he brave or just darned crazy??) and brought me home two tubs of :-

Tesco’s own brand Cookies & Cream.

I now have to buy a new freezer and stock up, this is the best and most surprising ice cream find ever!!

6 responses to “Best Ice Cream Ever…

  1. Oh yum! I think they have something similar in my local shop. Might have to investigate later!

  2. I’ve never tried Tesco’s ice-cream before – maybe I’ll just have to try it. Am rather addicted to toffee or caramel ice-cream. I too gave up smoking, oh, I suppose about 20 years ago now and chocolate only once or twice a year now (I mean I eat it only once or twice a year) so one does have to have a vice, as you say.

  3. Well I am actually craving it now so I can’t say it’s a harmless vice (I have to stay more or less away from chocolate or I turn into a total monster) but it is definitely healthier than smoking 🙂

  4. omg Tescos on Saturday! He is a brave man… I am more of a fruity person myself. If you know what I mean. Mind u I will try anything once. And ice cream is ice cream. So hot today I need some 😉

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