I Only Have Eyes For You…

My oldest is on a huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer kick at the moment.  HUGE!!! (she picked the pic – thank you kid 1)

We were watching series 2 earlier (her aunt gave her the first 2 series for her birthday and she has not stopped watching them since!!) and episode 19 ‘I Only Have Eye For You’ came on which brought back lots of memories (geez she’s making me feel so old!) as I really liked that episode the first time around.

I have loved the song featured in the episode, and where it gained it’s name from, since I first heard it in a film called A Bronx Tale so I thought I’d share…


3 responses to “I Only Have Eyes For You…

  1. I guess we didn’t realise how lucky we were at the time. Buffy was such a ground breaking tv show. Those were the days lol.

  2. Good song!

    I did watch Buffy but wasn’t a massive, massive fan. Couldn’t warm to Sarah Michelle Gellar, but did like Xander, Willow and, of course, Giles!

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