Book Review; Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

Lions & Tigers & Bears. Oh My.

I will try to make my review as unbiased as possible. This will be tricky  as Magic might be my absolute favourite urban fantasy series ever. E-V-E-R. And yes I am including Ms Marie Moning’s Fever series in there and those of you who know me (*waves*) will understand how close a call that makes it. Jericho Barrons; just saying.

If you have not read the Magic series yet (where the hell have you been??) then you are so lucky and I’m positively jade with envy. But don’t start with this one, this is book five. You need to go back to the beginning. The order of books is;

  • Magic Bites (Kate Daniels series, Book 1), March 2007
  • Magic Burns (Kate Daniels series, Book 2),April 2008
  • Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels series, Book 3),March 2009
  • Magic Mourns (Must Love Hellhounds, Anthology, Novella),  September 2009
  • Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels series, Book 4), May 2010
  • A Questionable Client (Dark and Stormy Knights, Novella, Kate Daniels Prequel), July 2010
  • Magic Slays (Kate Daniels series, Book 5), June 2011
  • Magic Dreams (Hexed, Anthology, Novella),June 2011

So onto my thoughts on the much awaited installment of the Kate Daniels Magic series. Firstly you cannot buy this for a Kindle from Amazon if you are in the UK. This was a BIG sticking point for me. I was given a Kindle for Christmas after much procrastination and promises about only ever buying e-books and then I find out that this book is only available in paperback in the UK. I was gutted. Thankfully my hubby took pity on me and bought it for my birthday last week. After finishing my happy dance I was kind of surprised about the size. Most series get progressively bigger but Slays is a teeny bit smaller than Bleeds. But you could say they are going for quality not quantity as this book did not disappoint on the story content.

Kate was witty with her inner dialogue giving me plenty of lol moments and the Kate-v-Curran banter continued to delight as it did from the very first ‘Here kitty, kitty’ moment in Bites.  She was kicking butt with her sword, slayer, from the off and we reencountered much loved characters such as Grindel and Andrea.  Also Ghastek and Saiman appeared as the necessary sources of conflict and information.

After two months of being out of The Order and having her rep dissed by said previous employer Kate has gone it alone with her new company, Cutting Edge, (I know, I know I thought she had gone into hairdressing for a moment too, but stay with us) but times are hard and being backed by the pack isn’t helping her P.R.

Enter the Red Guard with a seemingly simple mission and we’re off.

Curran was the over bearing Beast Lord and Kate was the thorn in his side in their bid to save the world from magic hating fanatics. I know some people will complain about Curran being overly-jealous and manipulative – but seriously what do you expect?? He’s Curran.  A damaged double hard bastard who is still in his mating craze and the king of all the most alpha males there are! Can you really expect him to roll over and let Kate rub his belly? (Seriously though he might like that.)

There were painful insights into Kate’s past, problems with Julie, leading to bigger problems with Julie and an amusing potential competitor for Raphael with Andrea.

I was not disappointed after my long wait and while on holiday I took this book to the beach, to restaurants (apparently the people you’re eating with tend to find this quite rude) and even into my sleeping bag and read it by torch light. If there was a series I had to give up my e-book fetish for then it is this one; five stars, I loved it.

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  1. Consider it added to my TBR list! (along with the other ones in the series). 😀

  2. Glad you liked it, we actually had to cut some scenes, but yeah, generally the books have been getting longer. I think it’s ok to read if your by yourself in a restaurant but if there are other people at the table it can be considered rude. Like a person who plays with their phone the whole time.

  3. Maybe one day you could post the cuts on your blog?
    I know what you mean about the restaurant *blushes* I just couldn’t put it down. I didn’t read it, I just kept it nearby like a weird comfort blankie.

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