Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

I must be nuts but I’ve somehow put myself down for another writer’s sharing spot!

Here is a little snippet from a shortie I wrote called The Love Potion – yeah I know the title is pants, but I intend to re-write it anyway so lets just go with that this week.

Love potions are not banned.  Apparently they are not considered ‘dangerous’ enough by the Federation of Witch Hunters to warrant even strict regulation.  Fools.                    

Angel, my sister, blames herself.  I can understand that.  I blame her too. 

Thank you to all those who leave comments; you rock 😀

And now for the fun part click here to find the other SFFS writers.

Want to join me in the madeness?! Go to the blog and read the rules. All you need to do is add your link to the list and have six sentences of speculative fiction ready to go live on a Saturday.

8 responses to “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

  1. Hi, and welcome to SFFSat!

    I like this a lot! I love the short, sharp sentences–even though I haven’t “met” your character yet, this says so much! Well done! 🙂


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