Six Sentence Sunday #8

Hi everyone – I’ve missed doing Six Sentence Sunday the last couple of weeks while I was away on holiday, but thank you to those who hang on in there with me. I hope you enjoy the snippet.

This is from a work in progress called Death’s Daughter to catch up on the story so far feel free to read my other SSS postings by clicking on home and scrolling down

Our girl Sam is being questioned by the detective while at the wake where her best friend is serving behind the bar….

I casually dropped a shoulder whilst taking a swig and wondered if I was usually this nonchalant. 

Carrie was over so fast she practically blurred.  ‘That’s right detective, Sam was here till closing and then I had to carry her to bed.’ 

I blushed at her frankness, was I really that drunk? 

My father can vouch for that,’ she continued, ‘and so can several of our patrons.  We had a party and Sam did karaoke, I’m sure no one would have forgotten that.’

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9 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday #8

  1. Hahahaha, the thought ‘thanks for saving my butt with an alibi, but did you have to bring up every last single embarrassing detail?!’ springs to mind. 😛

  2. I like how she’s questioning herself at the beginning. Also, the ‘landing her in it’ with respect to how drunk she was, is fantastic! Good work!

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