I Finished!

Yes indeedie the rumours are all true; I have finished the first draft of Death’s Daughter!

There were some lonely, dark nights frustrated by outlining (m’eh planning is for wimps!) and research when I never thought I would be able to say those words but I typed the last sentence a couple of days ago.

It seems, however that Death’s Daughter is not yet finished with me – my head is buzzing like it’s full of angry wasps. I intend to harness their power for edits and revisions. I have also been working on the short The Love Potion (see my SFFS posts) which seems to be turning into Sleeping Dragons – such an incestuous world I’m writing!


2 responses to “I Finished!

  1. It is a lovely feeling when the last sentence is written. Then you feel a bit weird and almost bereft!

    Congrats, again!

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