Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday #2

I’m following on from last week’s short ‘The Love Potion’ – yeah that title needs help. Thanks to everyone who read and left comments and especially. Elucian after your comments I have decided to introduce you to the MC, enjoy…

We’re witches. No I won’t melt if you chuck a bucket of water on me, no warts, broomsticks or any of that shit. I’m just a sixteen year old girl called Anastasia who goes to school, oh and I can cause worldwide pandemics. Lucky me got the gift of hexing. A totally useless ability unless I learn control and lots of it. Just don’t piss me off too badly and nobody dies, okay?

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8 responses to “Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday #2

  1. Loving the voice in this. That’s a girl with ‘tude! Can’t wait to read more.


  2. I have a sixteen year old daughter. I’m very, very glad she has no witchy abilities whatsoever! Seriously, teens are bad enough without all that 😀

  3. Sorry for the late comment–was working this weekend.

    Well I feel honoured to be introduced personally–and believe me, I feel thoroughly introduced! 🙂 Sassy indeed, is she, and I totally want to know what she will do in the story! Love the “pandemic” thing, and I actually like the title–when you do what I think you will do with your story and genre, the “cliché” of the title just becomes a challenge for the reader, i.e. challenging their own preconceptions of the genre. Or something like that.

    Great stuff. Looking forward to more!

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