Scrivener – a lifeline for writers?

I have downloaded the Scrivener Beta for Windows. I won’t have it for long as the trial ends sometime in September (get yours here). But I have long lusted after the writing software and when I found out my heroes  (Ilona Andrews) use it, I actively sought it out. After only one day of messing with it and popping in and out of the tutorial, I think I’ve got it.

Now I’m not one for planning (believe me, there have been lots of frustrated nights bashing my face off the keyboard to discover that nugget of  information) but I do have tons of bookmarked web pages of important info that I call ‘research’ (snort!) that I never get around to. Another bad habit is making notes on scraps of paper or note books that I can never find, at least not until I don’t need them anymore.

But I actually think Scrivener could be the end of all that, possibly, maybe. If it can organise this chaotic, daydreamer and save those golden ideas that disappear like thieves in the night, then it might be a lifeline for pantsers everywhere.

4 responses to “Scrivener – a lifeline for writers?

  1. Your post has inspired me to download Scrivener again. I tried it last Nov but with Nanowrimo, the OU course, daughter’s birthday, a spa day (then a stomach bug from the spa day) and catering Thanksgiving for family my brain shorted out and I couldn’t figure it out at all.

    Scrivener feels too organized somehow. I don’t write in chapters so that scared me.

    Give us updates on how you’re finding it and what features are good.

  2. That was rather a lot to take on! I bailed on Nano after 10k as the OU writing course took over.

    Check out the link to Ilona Andrews above, she does a screen shot of how she uses it and I think it shows that it is easier for writers who don’t work to chapters than a standard word processor is.

    I will definitely keep you posted on it and if I still like it as much as I am so far I’ll probably get the new windows version when it’s available. I think I might have heard something about discounts if you complete NanoWriMo.

  3. Yes, I too downloaded it last year but was doing the essay course at the time and decided it was just all too much to take on board. I started adding pieces I had written but I think I found it would not copy the formatting or some such detail which had me frustrated so decided to wait until after the course to get to grips. But I followed it by the photography course and have not looked at it again.

    As I am on hols next Tuesday for three weeks not worth starting now but will follow with interest. I think it might help me if I start developing some of the short stories. At the moment Word serves the purpose but of course once you start reworking a story it would be useful to have a vehicle for that.

    Chantal I am like you, I am forever writing things down on small scraps of paper, backs of envelopes and then have to go through piles of these to find the password, idea, fact I wrote down and now require to retrieve. I am trying to break myself of this bad habit!

  4. Wow three weeks! Bring your laptop 😉

    I think it would work very well for developing short stories, especially if you have more than one in your head at the time.

    I’m just about to start The Love Potion, which is a short I was writing, in Scrivener so I’ll keep you posted.

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