Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday #3

Hey it’s Saturday and that means another snippet of The Love Potion, which is actually turning into Sleeping Dragons so I’m just going with it. Enjoy 🙂

Angelica, she hates to be called that so I do it a lot, my twin sister, is charmed. No, really. It’s enough to make you puke, isn’t it? She can charm objects with hardly any effort at all. We can’t use mobile phones, totally sucks and do not get me started on how unfair this shit really is, so Angel charmed two compact mirrors. All we have to do is breathe on its surface and write a message in the condensation and it appears on the other one’s mirror. It works anywhere there is magick. Cool huh?

Thank you for reading.

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12 responses to “Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday #3

    • They are witches and Angelica was born charmed, which means she can charm things. Star, the MC, was born a hexer so she is a little jealous of the injustice of it all. And yes witches and tech do not play well together.

      Thanks for reading.

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