SciFi Fantasy Saturday #4

Welcome to this week’s snippet of Sleeping Dragons. We follow straight on from last week, Star is still talking about Angel…

Of the two us she is the vain one. No, I’m not being mean. I’m even happy to say she is prettier. Weird considering we were born identical, but somehow over the years our magick and our lives have separated us. For instance I have broken my nose several times playing sports and getting into fights so now I have a bit of a bend where Angel still has a perfect little snub.

Of course she has been using her glamour mirror too.  Angel’s is wrapped in black velvet and kept in an old carved oak box next to her bed. She takes it out and talks nicely to it every day.  Her once copper hair is now blonde and gently curls into fat ringlets, her freckles have evaporated and her azure eyes sparkle.

I think my glamour mirror is in three pieces under my bed between my hockey stick and tennis racket.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Nice one! Great demonstration of the differences .. she even talks at length about her sister and the relationship with her mirror, while her own if offhandedly destroyed under the bed. One can sure sense her opinion of the mirror … amongst other things 😀

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