Sci Fi Fantasy Saturday #7

Wow – what a week! So glad the weekend is here and it brings the start date of my next writing course with the Open University so I shall be working hard over the coming months 🙂

Thank you for popping over to check out this week’s contribution. It follows on from last week…

…It drives me mad, because then I have to go and sort out whoever upset her. And then she gets really mad at me, like it’s my fault!

Brad is one of these kids. Sure he’s good looking and has an apprenticeship at a professional football club, but he’s not a nice person. He delights in ridiculing and humiliating people. Everyone else laughs but secretly they’re  glad they’re not the one suffering.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t talk Angel out of it; maybe I wanted him to suffer too. 

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13 responses to “Sci Fi Fantasy Saturday #7

  1. “everyone else laughs but secretly they’re glad they’re not the ones suffering” – great line! Brad is such a twonk.

    Good luck with the course!

  2. I’m totally needing to know what Angel did now.

    Great portrait of a bully, and definitely leaves us intrigued to see what happened/might have happened to him. 🙂

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