Therapy For My Sci-Fi Phobia

As you all I know I am an urban fantasy girlie and my favourite writers in this field (that I follow with the enthusiasm of Annie Wilkes) are Ilona Andrews (one word; Curran). So I noticed a new book they had coming out called Silver Shark. But rather than leap on it the way a starving man ravishes a succulent rump steak, I recoiled as it looked sci-fi-esque. I’ll admit it, I was intimidated.

In the intervening period I was lucky enough to read The Bones of the Sea and some other works by upcoming sci-fi writer Pippa Jay. The characters were the just like the ones I know and love, facing the challenges I get excited to read about and the techy-talk I shy from was easy. Sort of like getting out the manual for that new gadget and discovering it’s in English instead of ‘geek-speak’.

So next I was trolling Amazon and I found pure gold – an Ilona Andrews book I didn’t know existed. It’s called Silent Blade. The cover looked like the usual, acceptable model for UF and a quick skim of the blurb and it was whispering it’s way onto my Kindle. While I was there I saw Silver Shark and decided that after reading Pippa Jay’s version of sci-fi it would be worth the risk.

Boy was it ever!

It turns out Silent Blade is the first in the same sci-fi romance series as Silver Shark called The Kinsmen Series. The world building is stella Andrews, the characters are lovable and the chemistry is HAWT!!

The only negative I can come up with is that they are short. Silent Blade is a short story and Silver Shark is a novella @ 35,000 words. They should come with a warning such as;


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  1. So I just thought I would let my UK friend know that Gordan & Ilona will be stopping in for a chat very soon!!!

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