Poetry and Zombies….

During dinner I moaned to my 12 year old daughter about the poetry module I’m studying as part of a writing course I’m doing.

She said, ‘What is your problem with poetry anyway?’

(Easy for her to say – she writes excellent Zombie poetry)

I said, ‘I had a bad experience when I was about your age.’ *shrugs*

She said, ‘Hahahahahaha.’ (She eventually stops laughing at me) ‘What kind of experience?’

I said, ‘Well my English teacher caught me copying a poem into the back of my exercise book and decided to share this information with the class.’

She said, ‘Oooooh – why did she do that?’

I said, ‘She was either emotionally touched or she wanted to get me beaten up.’

She said, ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – evil teacher! Brilliant!’

I’m off to write some suckish poetry; be warned I shall be posting >:) If you’re lucky I may share my evil child’s Zombie poem. Permission shall be sought.


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