Early Valentines Pressie – Squeee!!!

My hubby is always very good at the romantic gestures. He doesn’t just buy me an ipod – he puts all my favourite songs on it first. When he fills champagne flutes with Love Heart sweets he makes sure he removes all the mean ones that say things like “You’re Dumped!” – little things like that.

He also loves buying me things and he couldn’t resist giving me this year’s Valentines pressie a wee bit early. He has bought me my own domain name!! Oh how well he knows me – I have been meaning to sort this out for ages but being a bit of a techie-phobe I was never going to get to it so he decided to do something about it.

So soon I will have a real live site (which will prob re-direct here for a while) and an email address for writing.

Hmmm now does that mean I have to get him something???


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