Isn’t it cool when…

…you find out your fave authors are also really awesome people too?

I may have mentioned, once or twice, that Ilona Andrews are (yes; plural – they are a dynamic duo!) my fave writers as I love their books and they are also really cool people.

Well I would also like to give a shout out to Kim Harrison who writes the fabulous Urban Fantasy series called The Hollows, which btw is coming to the small screen (wowzers!) and Patricia Briggs the Wolf Queen who writes the awesomely fantabulous Urban Fantasy Mercy Thompson series and Alpha & Omega series.

Here is a filmed Q&A session of them at a book signing in Seattle courtesy of Harper Voyager. In it they made me laugh really out loud and clap along with the fans present (and I’m English, we just don’t do that sort of thing!) and they also give lots of great writing advice.

A pure gold nugget of that was the answer to a problem that I have mulled over off and on; how to keep track of all of your character’s movements through time and chapters. My own solution was a messy and long time line, but Kim Harrison’s was this Character Grid:

I love it – I’m off to start mine now 😀

8 responses to “Isn’t it cool when…

  1. I like your grid idea, partly because I just love grids!!! But also, it’s very practical. My characters have the ability (well some of them, anyway) to travel by different speeds of time. It makes it all the more confusing! Best Regards and Happy Writing! ~KL

  2. Ooh, didn’t know about the Kim Harrison (TV show). Will have to watch out for that. Will have a look at this grid, too. Looks very intriguing and helpful!

    • Hi Gayle – I love her Hollows series, it’s just awesome! Apparently the screenwriting is being done by the same guy who did Smallville. I’m finding the Character Grid to be pretty fab so far, what a brilliant idea.

  3. Hi Chantalhalpin-its jim from Warren. I assume you are not familiar with Warren Oh in the U.S. It is right up the road from Youngstown Oh better known to the outside world as Murdertown U.S.A.just besause they have gangwars and incredible nos of murders,rapes,arsons and other fun stuff. and many law enforcement officers and lawyers and judges are Mafia members. I think what Ivé seen of your stuff is good,keep it up.Being tired of the real thing(Like picking the rotting body of a patient out of a sewer(i didn’t know she was in the garbage bag) I find that now that I am retired I love to read about the good girls beating crap out of the bad guys with a chair leg(Rachel beating on Piscary)

    • Wow James that’s very graphic! I have no idea how that comment cruised past my spam filter. Sounds like a charming place to live.
      I’m not so sure I would describe Ms.Morgan as a ‘good girl’ though *laughs*

      • Hi Chantalhalpin-Ms. Rachel insists she’s a good girl-WWBC- unless I’m very mistaken.That is quite possibe at 72,with cerebral atropy setting in.It’s also in The Hollows insider.

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