Reading Funk

I’m all discombobulated. Nothing I read stirs me. I want to read something amazing, but every thing I’ve started recently I have quickly put down, again after picking it to shreds. This totally sucks!

I blame the writing course. It makes me so critical of my own work (not a bad thing, mind) and there seems to be some seepage.

So I have turned to the good people at Goodreads for inspiration. I’ve downloaded a couple of prospects from Amazon. I’ll  let you know how it goes.


Also I was at a motorbike shop this morning (they do the best cooked breakfasts!) and had a little try on one of these ;

That would blow the cob-webs out! Hmm maybe if I’m a good girl hubby might think I deserve a pressie 😉


8 responses to “Reading Funk

  1. Aw, I’ve been in reading funks before. I think it doesn’t help that I have a gazillion books on my Kindle (for PC software) so that if a book doesn’t grab me, I can easily just start reading another instead of trying to get through the first book.

    Hope the books you got from Goodreads helps you out of the funk.

    • Yeah, it’s weird. I’m not normally like this. In this weather I usually just want to curl up with a book. Maybe it’s the stress of the course.

  2. Hope you manage to find something to read that you can really get into :). I started reading ‘Remains of the Day’ last week and haven’t picked it up again in days – I really wanted to like it but I was just so bored!

  3. I did reply yesterday but shut down the tab by mistake and couldn’t be fagged to open it up again. Just wanted to say commiserations. I go through phases ot taking books back to the library half-read! No staying power. Also just downloaded a couple from Amazon to my Kindle. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and the Exotic Guest House thingy. Started reading the latter, amusing and enjoying it so far. Do have an issue though with the age thing. People seem to think anyone over 70 is incapable of looking after themselves and should be in a home. I don’t think so!

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