Panic Not!

I’ve spent all day freaking out that I had ‘lost’ all of last night’s edits. I was in edit hell last night. I didn’t eat and I ignored my family (sorry!). I just sat in my little cubby-hole, virtually in my own world; picking out abstracts and repetitions, checking pacing and sentence length, grammar and punctuation.

Tedious yet essential. I didn’t stop until I went to bed.

Today I couldn’t find it. I spent a whole day at work freaking out on the inside until I could get home and check my PC.

It had been saved in my ‘Downloads’. WTF??

4 responses to “Panic Not!

  1. Hurray that you found it! My little sis lost half of her dissertation earlier this year (computer died on her) and there was no recovering it so she had to just type it all out again… *shudders*

    • Well I am meant to use Dropbox as a back up, but I haven’t used it for a while. As an interesting twist I am going to have to cut and rewrite a large part of it after TMA05 feedback anyway.

  2. Do you know in Dropbox you can get versions of the same file for (I think) a month. It helped me with TMA05 as I wanted to see the changes I’d made when I forgot to save as a new draft. You need to go on to their website to see the versions of the file.
    Nice Mulder pic šŸ˜‰

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