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You join me on the last day of my Quality Times Blog Tour, and I would like to thank Chantal for hosting me on her blog.

I’d like to end this tour by talking a little about what’s coming up next for Quality Times and  her travelling companion associate, Tim. After all, The Whispering Tombs is only the first in a (hopefully) long line of Quality Times stories.

I’ve already started writing the second book in the series, The Grandparent Trap, and hope to get it published later this year. Unlike The Whispering Tombs, The Grandparent Trap is told in third-person narrative and the reader will get a chance to enter Tim’s head and see what he’s thinking, as well as Quality’s.

I’m also opening up the Quality’s family tree with the introduction of her grandmother, Necessity  (yes, these unusual names run in the family!).

Here’s a peek at the ‘blurb’ –

Young Ben Foster is not happy. He’s due to spend his summer holidays at his grandparent’s house. His boring, old-fashioned grandparents who don’t even have wi-fi.


But when Ben knocks on their front door, he finds his grandparents have disappeared. In fact, most of the pensioners on the street have vanished.


When space and time-travelling adventuress, Quality Times, and her associate, Tim, encounter a distressed Ben, they decide to investigate the disappearances.


Where have the elderly folk gone to? What has it got to do with the new bus company that’s started up in the town?


To find out, Quality will have to call on the help of her flamboyant grandmother, Necessity.


Oh dear…


During this month, Camp NaNoWriMo is happening (for those who don’t know NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and the aim is to write a 50,000 word novel within a month), and I am attempting to write The Grandparent Trap as part of it. If things go as planned, then I should have the first draft finished by the end of June. I’ve got almost 3000 words done already, on the first day – the daily word goal is somewhere around 1500, so I’m doing well, so far. :p

I have a file on my computer full of storylines for future Quality Times books but, at this early stage, I’m not going to mention what they are, yet. Spoilers!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have hosted me on my first ever blog tour – JC Cassels, Cary Caffrey, Patrick Stutzman, Wayne Basta, Misa Buckley, Pippa Jay, TM Hunter and, of course, the fragrant Chantal Halpin!

You guys rock!


Meet Quality Times, just your average 21st century woman who happens to own a shrinkable time machine. Along on her intergalactic adventures is Tim, a self-confessed sci-fi geek who takes everything in his stride.

In ‘The Whispering Tombs’, Quality and Tim are residing at the luxurious Baala Haven Resort, on an unpronounceable planet, when they’re invited on a quest to find ancient hidden treasure by a wealthy alien archaeologist. Reaching the caves of Azrokaran, however, loyalties are tested to the very limits as those within the group reveal their true colours.

A light-hearted mix of science fiction, adventure and humour.

(British spelling)



Gayle Ramage is a writer, living in the Scottish lowlands. She would love to grow her own TARDIS if only to go back in time to find out if her ancestors were as mad as she is.



Website           http://www.gayleramage.co.uk

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