I should be writing but…

…since the writing course officially ended on 31st May I have been catching up on my reading; although it feels like I’m bunking off!

However I can report that the Sabina Kane series by author Jaye Wells has ticked all my Urban Fantasy boxes;

1) Kick-ass heroine

Okay, so I only have one requirement but this series is also action packed, funny and has a boat-load of character growth. It goes in this order;

The last in the series is; and I prefer it when  a writer knows when to close the series. For my reviews on this series so far check out: Red-Headed Stepchild    The Mage in Black   Green -Eyed Demon

I am currently 25% through Silver-Tongued Devil and so far so good!

2 responses to “I should be writing but…

  1. You are doing well! I have started three books, plus another two that I was already reading! I have started Interview with a Vampire, but finding it a bit hard going, will persevere though. Also started on Kindle, The Ascension Conspiracy by Jon King, a sci-fi novel. It’s interesting and well-written but I keep getting a little lost in the technicalities. The other book I’ve started and am enjoying is Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King about Margaret of Scotland. It’s well-written and nothing grates, a good historical novel.

    • I found the descriptions went on a bit – but Anne Rice is a legend! I can’t seem to stop reading at the moment, writing is taking a very back seat 😦

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