Self Publishing Update

The short story I am planning to self-publish, Foul is Fair, is with the beta readers and I have started looking at exactly how to go about this self-publishing thing.

There is a wealth of info available on the net. A bit too much, if I’m honest, so my first stop was Smashwords which I know about from writer friends Pippa Jay and Gayle Ramage who have both published stories on there and also Ilona Andrews (who you all know I am a huge fan of) have been known to publish a couple of books and shorts which haven’t gone through their main publishing house.

Smashword directs you to their very own Style Guide which is free to download and is so far (I am currently 58% through) idiot proof. Everything is done from Word and you need to make sure every indent and paragraph and chapter title is formatted correctly otherwise you could end up with a host of blank pages in the middle of your book!

We have all seen the dodgy looking ebooks – and not just from the indie sector either, and I am determined that mine will not be joining their ugly ranks. So I need to stop pontificating on here and crack on with formatting. Thankfully I am learning on a short story of 2,500 words rather than a full length novel.

Next stop will be Amazon and Goodreads and I’ll keep you posted about ISBN’s and book covers too.

4 responses to “Self Publishing Update

  1. Very excited for you, Chantal! The Smashwords style guide is very helpful (though Smashwords can be a git when you’re uploading through its ‘meatgrinder’ now and again).

    re: ISBNs – You can actually get a free one from Smashwords – you definitely need one if you want Smashwords to send the book out to B&N, Apple, etc.

    btw, like the new blog theme – have just spent the past nine hours (I kid you not!) changing mine (bloody html codes!).

    Looking forward to adding Foul is Fair to my Goodreads list! 😀

    • Thank you Gayle – aka one of my beta’s. I just read the same about ISBN’s and I definitely want them to make it available to as many peeps as possible.
      Oh the blog theme is a recurring thing with me – I just can’t settle. This will do for now although I’d prefer the font to be a little clearer – can you tell I have been formatting??
      I don’t envy you on the html – it is so not my friend!

      • I’m the same, re: blog themes. I put off using the one I’ve now got because another author (a more successful one than me) has it. But I liked it too much not to use it. 🙂
        Remember, when you do publish FiF, you can upload directly to Kobo instead of through Smashwords. They did have some teething trouble (books “stuck” in publishing mode) but they seem to have sorted things out now. Plus, I think the royalties are more generous, too. ;-D

        • Well it will be a freebie – but it’s good to know for future ref 😉 Thanks for the tip; so that’s Smashwords, Kobo and Amazon to go. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it free on Amazon though, but I’ll give it a go.
          Your theme is pretty 🙂

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