Writing and Promoting

I am on a writing mission at the moment. I want to get the first draft of The Love Potion finished before I am back at work on Monday. It will be a novella circa 10k words. I’m at about 7,500 so I’m getting there. The good thing is I have large chunks of Sleeping Dragons, the second novella in the trilogy I’m planning, already written.
I have even found a pic on DeviantArt that has inspired and idea for the cover; I am always getting ahead of myself!

The good news is that Foul is Fair is doing well with downloads – I just need to get it ‘out there’ more, without making the people who already know about it sick to death.

Anyway if you don’t already know Foul is Fair is FREE on Smashwords & Kobo it is also available on Amazon.


Sam would prefer to stay concealed amongst the nobodies. She’s a witch with a dodgy past hiding in the insurance claim industry. When a high profile politician is threatened with having his Community position as a vampire exposed, she couldn’t care less.
Sadly her boss forces her on baby-sitting duty and she unwittingly attracts the attention of a witch-hunter. While trying to protect her confidential client’s secret identity she also has to fight her attraction to the pyromaniac hunter like a suicidal moth.
An urban fantasy short story of approx 2,500 words set in London with British spellings.

I have to go and dye my daughter’s hair purple to cover up the pink we did in the summer. It hasn’t washed out yet. For some reason she thinks purple will be more acceptable to her head of house than pink.

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    • Well I would describe it as radioactive blackcurrant! The pink bits before have gone a bit luminous too. She loves it. I reckon she’ll be sent home, but as she points out she didn’t get into trouble when we dyed it blue last year.

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