It’s Free on Amazon!

Thank you to everyone who told Amazon of a lower price. With your help have now made my recently released short-story free – click the cover below:

At the time of writing this it is #33 on their best sellers list of Free Contemporary Fantasy!

I have received lots of lovely reviews and comments from people which is just awesome. People are reading something I have written. As a writer I should be able to say something poetic about how that feels – but the only words that spring to mind have four letters, so I clearly need to revise that one 😉

I owe this amazing exposure to the awesomely cool Ilona Andrews who posted on their blog about Foul is Fair. How fantastic is that? This just proves what amazing taste I have in who to be an obsessive-fan-girl of!

To keep you all informed I was kept awake by another plot bunny last night and have started work on the next Sam Short which I am planning on releasing for free aswell. It is called The Brinded Cat, but is in the early stages so watch this space 😀

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