Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

It has been a crazy week with my released short story, Foul is Fair, gaining a massive expose from writing god & goddess  Ilona Andrews.

This has led to lots of positve reviews (I even got my first fan-mail!) and people actually wanting more 😮 so here is the opening of the next Sam Short…

The Brinded Cat

Fin stood in the doorway to his office, hesitating. ‘No,’ I said without looking up. I was form filling. I hate this part, but I had just finished an evaluation and the insurance world loves forms.

‘I haven’t told you what it is yet,’ he huffed stuffing his hands into his trouser pockets.

‘I don’t care, the answer is still no.’

I was tired, had just been soaked in the rain and was in no mood for one of Fin’s jobs.

But of course we all know she will do it anyway! If you liked this but haven’t read its predecessor; then click the cover for dets of where to download Foul is Fair for free:

To find more sci-fi and fantasy writers just giving their hard work away for free click here 😀

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