Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

I have been so slack with blog posts this week, but I have an excellent excuse; I went back to work on Monday. After six weeks off, it has completely thrown me – but I should hopefully be back in the thick of it all next week.

Anyway it is snippet time! I have been beavering away on a couple of WiP’s which I shall hopefully be sharing with you soon, but this week I’m giving you a bit of Foul is Fair which is FREE to download from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and apparently ibooks.

He flirted with a skinny little punk boy whose wide kohl-lined eyes could be seen from all the way up here. While I watched my client, my eyes flicked over the crowd around him. Surveillance could be a bitch, but even though I was concentrating on the scene below me, I could still feel the witch hunter; watching me.

He leaned on the other side of the crescent shaped balcony, making me tingle from his interest. It crawled across my skin like an electrical buzz and left a tang on my tongue. From my peripheral vision in the darkness of the club all I could see was tall and dark. But from experience I knew he would have Latino looks and enough sexual chemistry to drop the knickers of the hardcore, matriarch witches on The Circle. Even those game old birds would feel the heat.

And if you liked that and want to know what the hecky-peck is going on you can download it for FREE from Smashwords Amazon or Kobo
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  1. I downloaded my copy two Saturdays ago. And it goes look lovely via ibooks. A great read on the iPad. And I actually enjoy thumbing back through it for re-read glory. I don’t know if I’ve ever reviewed such a short work on my blog, but I think I’m going to have to considering how fantastic it was. I love The Community. You present it in a way that, despite the growing saturation of that motif in UF, is fresh and exciting. And sexy. 🙂

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