Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

This week you’re getting a peek from a novella in progress called The Love Potion. It will hopefully be the start of a young adult trilogy. Old timers of SFFS may recognise this as I have shared an older version in the past, so here is an all new snippet:

The Love Potion

I found the recipe in Mum’s personal book and quickly copied it out. It was a version of Gran’s one as they often get passed down the line. Gran is a scary woman. Fierce. The thought of her using a potion like that on someone is completely hideous. Or hilarious. I’m not sure which.

To find other writers giving their hard-earned words away for free visit the link.
In other news Amazon in the UK has finally caught up with their American friends and my debut short story is now available for free from both Amazon sites – woohoo!!!

Click the cover to download your own free copy 🙂


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    • Well it wasn’t easy. It was free on .com but not for a long time, which was frustrating. I think you have to get lots of people to ‘tell them of a lower price’ via the Amazon website.

  1. Great with the passing down of generations of legend, the gap between those generations and the implied danger coming – all in one snippet. I enjoyed it.

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