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Welcome to Patrick Stutzman who is joining the blog today to tell us about his recently released book Alone In Paradise and give us a peek into one of his favourite bits:

Okay, here is one of my favorite excerpts from the second book (I actually have several favorites). I chose this one, mainly because it presents a moment where the main characters, Anna and Kate, are having a positive bonding moment right before they experience a taste of things to come…
“Kate,” Anna addressed. “I’m going to grab something to eat. Do you have any kind of recreational software on file?”
The avatar appeared to think for a second and answered, “I have several game titles on file from which you may choose.”
“Such as?”
“I have adventure games, board games, card games, and strategy games available for your entertainment.”
Anna weighed her options and requested, “What do you have in card games?”
“I have Blackjack, Bridge, Cribbage, Draw Poker, Freecell, Gin, Golf, Hearts, Klondike, Phase 10, Rummy, Spider, Strip Poker, Texas Hold ‘em . . .”
“Hold up!” interrupted Anna skeptically. “You have Strip Poker?!”
Shaking her head in disbelief, she mumbled, “Why am I not surprised?”
“Surprised at what?” Kate asked genuinely.
 “Never mind,” Anna quickly replied, ignoring the question.
“Okay. I also have Texas Hold ‘em Poker, Tri-Peaks, and War.”
Anna sighed and stated after a moment of contemplation, “Okay, queue up Cribbage. I haven’t played that since middle school. Time I familiarize myself with it again.”
After making a ham sandwich and picking up one of the fruits she had harvested, she returned to the bridge and found Kate sitting on the floor just behind the pilot seat with a holographic version of cribbage waiting for her. Anna smiled, took a bite of her sandwich, and sat across from her companion.
An hour passed, and the two ladies had played through several games, punctuated with idle conversation and playful banter throughout.
“Fifteen!” cried Anna as she dragged the 6 of Hearts to the pile atop the 9 of Spades.
“No way!” Kate replied with a smile on her face. “You’re cheating!”
The blonde shrugged, “How can I be cheating? I’m playing against a computer.”
“You,” the hologram began, pointing her finger accusingly at her human counterpart. “Actually, you have a point.”
The pair giggled, and Kate looked at her hand of cards floating before her face. As she reached for her next play . . .
Now for the giveaway:
One lucky person who comments on this post today will receive a FREE ebook copy of Alone in Paradise – this is open internationally! Good luck 😀
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8 responses to “Giveaway for Alone In Paradise by Patrick Stutzman

  1. This is a new author to me but science fiction is one of my favourite genres. The excerpt sounds intriguing, I do want to know what happens next. The excerpt is a little too short to give me much idea about Anna’s character but she seems to be coping well with being marooned. I like the idea of a holographic version of games. Not sure I would have referred to them as ladies, it makes them sound a bit staid and I am sure they are not. Would it be better to read book one first I wonder?

    • Hi, personally I always prefer to start a series at the beginning. But if you win the giveaway then that’s one less for you to worry about buying 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Oh, dear – thump is never a good sign. That has made me want to know more – especially after such a calm scene.

    I liked their interaction – one human and one avatar – their separate voices come through clearly and yet it’s a very human connection they seem to have.

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