I’ve been away while rush editing and subbing – but I decided last minute I should get back into the swing of things with Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.

So here is the next snippet from The Brinded Cat – this is another Sam short, who is the main character from Foul is FairThis snip follows on from the last one which you can catch up on here.

The Brinded Cat

‘The bus was late,’ I explained. ‘Then the bloody thing broke down three times before I walked off.’ I pushed my wet hair over my shoulder before it dripped and spoiled the form. ‘Then it started up again when I was half way down the road and it went through a huge puddle. Bastard.’ I looked down at my mud splattered jeans. I’d had to walk miles to Cockfosters which was the nearest tube station. I hate leaving central London.

‘Well I’m not surprised the bus broke down, I can feel your vibes from here. Tone it down a bit Sam.’

And that is your lot from me! Thank you for joining in and feel free to leave comments. To read other tid-bits from writers just giving their hard-earned words away click here – enjoy!

18 responses to “Sci-Fi-Fan-Sat

  1. Okay, I’m immature – I giggled at “Cockfosters”. 😛

    She should have cycled, instead. 😀

  2. I love the allusion the the breakdown being Sam’s fault. And yes, I’m sniggering like all the other sophomoric goobers reading snippets.

  3. Cockfosters is really funny. And fun to read, apparently. I’m really happy to get more of Sam, because I loved Foul is Fair. Looking way forward to more.

  4. I, too, giggled at “Cockfosters”.

    And, ya know, it’s hard being a witch. You have to be even more careful with your moods and stuff. I sympathize with Sam. 😉

    (Also going to go download Foul is Fair now and read it soon.)

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