Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday

Yay it’s Saturday again! Welcome to another snippet of my work in progress, The Brinded Cat. Last week had our witch trooping through the rain to Cockfosters (yes, I’m sure you’ll all remember that!). This is a first draft so while I hope there are no embarrasing mishaps, I can’t promise anything. Anyway enjoy!

The Brinded Cat

He had a point so I closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself. I was meant to meditate as part of my release agreement with the witch hunters, but I’m not really a meditating sort of person.

Fin, as my employer, is responsible for me in the absence of my aunt, the matriarch of the coven I was born into. He is supposed to make sure I’m not up to any nefarious deeds and to report me if I am. Not that I would. And not that he would either.

I heard the rattle of a teaspoon on mugs and smiled. We usually fought over who had to make the tea. As we were the only people who worked here, the competition was fierce. Fin was the owner and he called me his secretary, for which he usually received a dead arm.

Thank you for reading – I hope you you’re enjoying it. To read more free samples from other speculative writers click here. See you next time 😉

18 responses to “Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday

  1. She’s a witch. And you’re worried about a dead arm? I’m glad I went back and read the previous snippet – I could get to like our witch.

  2. Having grown up in a predominately male, aggressive, environment, I too knew what “dead arm” was. (Come to think of it, I should have Maggie do this to Swede next time he tells her she’s emotionally stunted!) Now–make me some tea!

  3. Lol’d at the bit about making tea. 🙂 Love how you convey the relationship between Fin and Sam.

    And being a Brit/Scot, I know what a dead arm is, though I was more a ‘chinese burn’ gal, myself. 😉

  4. I understood the dead arm thing, but I’m Canadian. A lot of Brit-slang stuff translates over here, so….

    Anyway. I’m not a meditating sort of person either, so I get where she’s coming from. Great snippet!

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