Halloween and Nano

Happy All Hallows Eve. Even though I was raised by strict Irish Catholic parents they still celebrated this event. Of course they celebrated All Saints Day too by writing lists of their dead and going to mass, but they didn’t mind me bobbing for apples and carving potatoes (yes tatties – not pumpkins or even turnips!) but there was no Trick or Treating allowed.

Anyway my kids are all about pumpkins, fancy dress parties and scary movies now. Here are my offerings this year – let’s hope they keep the evil spirits at bay 😉

Inspired by my nano story

I am never doing a pentacle again!

It is also the birthday of Sam, my main character from Death’s Daughter which is currently out on submission. Happy birthday my fictional friend and good luck!

Nano news. I have signed up for this year’s NaNoWriMo feel free to buddy up as I am sure to need all the egging-on I can get to reach 50k. If you’ve never heard of Nano before click here so you can see what I’m up against.

I should have been planning this story, but I have been distracted by other writing deadlines. I have almost finished the first draft of The Brinded Cat which turned out a lot longer than I expected and will hopefully be published as a free download in the upcoming months.

So I won’t be as visible for the next month, except perhaps on Twitter moaning about how behind I am!

Have a fun night guising and happy Halloween, Samhain, Pomona, Parentalia or whatever else you call it 😀

10 responses to “Halloween and Nano

  1. Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

    You know my thoughts on “Halloween” (though it is harmless, yet expensive, over-hyped fun) but I have to say your pumpkin-carving, especially, the top one are marvellous. In fact, the wolf one would make a good front cover…. (food for thought, pardon the pun!).

    Am watching BBC Breakfast and apparently ‘guising’ is a Scottish word. Perhaps it’s Irish/celtic – one of the presenters hadn’t a clue what it meant, bless him. 🙂

    Oh, and up here we went “dooking” (“ducking”) for apples – my mum would put apples in a basin of water and we’d have to lift them out using only our teeth. I *assume* it’s the same for the rest of the UK?

    Anyway, have a good day!

  2. Belated happy Samhain/Halloween/HalloNANOween!

    Totally agree with you on doing a pentacle Jack-o-Lantern — /so/ difficult. I think I tried it once and nearly flung my pumpkin down a flight of stairs.

    I’m doing Nano too, which is madness, but I’m pretty crazy so that fits, I guess. Added you as a buddy! I am also writing about werewolves, after a fashion. More wolfweres, as they’re wolves who can turn into humans and other things. Anyway. I wish you luck!

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