Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

I’m back – yay! I took a break for NaNo – which I sucessfully completed by the way πŸ˜€ and I thought I’d better get back into the swing of things. So without further ado here is a fresh snippet from my upcoming urban fantasy release, The Brinded Cat:

The Brinded Cat Cover

He sat down opposite me, handing over the steaming mug. Fin looked a bit like an uncle, thinning on top with a pot belly. His self administered uniform of brown cords and tweed jacket was in place. He turned fifty last week and was more than a smidge touchy about it. So naturally I took the piss. A lot.

β€˜The problem is–’ he began.

β€˜I’m not doing anymore Community jobs. I already told you, it’s too dangerous.’ The last time had involved a politically powerful vampire and a dangerously attractive hunter.

And that’s your lot! Keep an eye out for The Brinded Cat coming soon! For more speculative fiction snippets from Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday click here, enjoy!


18 responses to “Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

  1. I like the “self administered uniform” – a nice piece of description. Of course, being less than three months’ short of 50 myself, I can’t approve of such dreadful ageism! Nice snippet – thanks!

    • That was pointing to one character’s flaw/weakness and the other’s tendency to exploit it. Nothing to do with age really, he could have been thirty and sensitive about it. Honest πŸ˜‰

  2. I love men that are touchy about their ages. I want to both rib and coddle them. It is the oddest thing. So, naturally I love your description–just as Peter did. Fantastic set up. I’m impatiently awaiting this release.

  3. …last time it was a politically powerful vampire and an attractive hunter… which makes me wonder, what is it this time?? Nice snippet.
    No snippet from me this week. I’ll be back next. πŸ™‚

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