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Yay – it’s Saturday, that means another snippet for Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday! I am following on with The Brinded Cat, an urban fantasy story which is free to download from Smashwords. In the last snippet Sam had hysterics over Fin ‘comforting’ the witchy-widow:

‘The problem is,’ I said while knuckling the tears from my eyes, ‘you’re not a widower. What would Anne say about you comforting Widow Twankey?’

Fin’s marriage was an unhappy one, but then he was a mage. I would never get involved with a mage. Put them near a witch and they’d be as faithful as a tom-cat.

‘Hmm, anyway, we have a familiar to rescue so when you’re ready?’

You have a familiar to rescue. Go and impress your widow and leave me out of it.’

He looked away before admitting, ‘I can’t. You know I have a thing about heights.’

And that’s your lot. Of course, if you like what you read follow the Smashwords link for your very own free copy and then leave me lots of reviews – it’s the life blood of writers, well that and our actual words 😉

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18 responses to “Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday

  1. …but then he was a Mage. Nice line. I liked the tom-cat reference jux-a-posed with the cat stuck in a tree. It layers the whole snippet with some great undertones.

  2. I love how much we learn about the characters and this world from this exchange. It’s not just about this familiar who needs rescuing, not just about his trying to impress the widow, not just about the fact that that he’s afraid of heights and needs her to help despite the fact that she doesn’t approve. It’s about all of these things. Fantastic.

  3. Great dialogue and emotions here. Lots revealed in this short snippet. I’m always interested in how familiars are used in stories, there’s so many ways they can be employed. I’m interested in how yours drives the story.

  4. He looked away before admitting, ‘I can’t. You know I have a thing about heights.’

    I loved that line! Heh. A mage with a fear of heights and a wandering eye… not exactly the best guy around, huh? (Also, I’m sorry I’m commenting so late…)

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