Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday aka #sffs

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Yay for the weekend! Time to share a snippet for Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday. I’m following on with my new release The Brinded Cat, which you can add on goodreads and download for free from Smashwords.

You can catch up with last week here. Sam is explaining what her other skill is, beside kicking-ass – as she’s not much of a witch:

The only other thing I can do is dream about death. If you’re in my vicinity and your number is up in a nasty, twisted way then I’ll get front row seats for several nights before the big event. Which pretty much sucks. Fin would argue otherwise though.

‘And did you take your meds last night?’

He was referring to my habit. The only thing that blocks my nightmares is getting completely shit-faced. ‘Not a drop.’

‘Please Sam, I’ll give you half the fee.’

‘You’re trying to get into her knickers and you’re still going to charge her?’

So that’s yer lot from me this week. The Brinded Cat is also available for free from iTunes and KoboAmazon are keeping it priced at the moment (grrr!) all reviews gratefully received 😉

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20 responses to “Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday aka #sffs

  1. Ouch. As skills go, that one is pretty grim. The question is whether she can do anything to change fate. I’ve got Brinded Cat, but haven’t had a chance to read it – I’m looking forward to doing so.

  2. Great conversation between the characters. I’m not sure I’d much care for that skill either…though one could make a killing (pardon the pun) helping folks know when to buy life insurance. 🙂

  3. Always makes for an interesting character when their “gift” is just as much a curse. I like that Sam has to drink to keep it at tolerable levels. Cool character and snippet.

  4. I like the twist that it’s only horrible gruesome deaths. That would drive me to drink, too.

    Love the interplay between the Fin and Sam. Great character development!

  5. I’m with everyone else–that’s a crazy skill. I love that she has to get blackout drunk to avoid it and she’d never know when she needed to. So, on the off chance that a death is coming, she’s all cheers and bottoms up. That has got to come with a terrible anxiety. Fantastic exchange between these two. Their interaction is great. Can’t wait to read this in entirety. I’ve got it, but now I need the time to enjoy it.

  6. That’s not a talent I would want, even if I could do something about it…

    Nice snippet!

    Just a note that your smashwords link isn’t working. 😦

  7. ‘You’re trying to get into her knickers and you’re still going to charge her?’ — That sentence just prompted me to click the goodreads link 🙂

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