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Howdy and welcome to this week’s sci-fi fantasy blog hop snippet, where speculative writer’s are sharing snippets of their work. This week I am carrying on  with Sam and Fin  in The Brinded Cat – she gave in and has gone to rescue the widow McGinty’s familiar from a tree:

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Available Now

I scowled at Fin where he stood deep in conversation with Mrs McGinty. The pine tree was frigging huge. It belonged on the side of a mountain. He gestured at the ladder pressed against the trunk and then went back to flirting.

Mrs McGinty was pretending I wasn’t there. That was normal. She was a witch and I was a Community leper. She tipped her head back and laughed at one of Fin’s jokes. The sun glinted off the chestnut curls she had tightly packed on top of her head as she touched a hand to her delicate throat.

It was all I could do not to stick my tongue out at her.

And that is the maximum I can give you – however if you would like to download the whole novella for FREE go to smashwords or kobo or iTunes.

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26 responses to “Sci-Fi FANTASY Saturday #sffs @ChantalHalpin

  1. With Mrs. McGinty in the scene, it changes the whole dynamic of the conversation and I love the way you paint the scene with the two of them carelessly flirting in their own little world and Sam climbing a ladder beside them to save her cat. Very sharp imagery.

  2. Really like the dynamics here! The flirting, the huge tree, and poor Fin, stuck with cat retrieval duty!

    I downloaded this from iTunes last week, so it’s on my TBR mountain!

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