Hump Day Hook! #hdh @ChantalHalpin

Hump Day Hook

This is my second Hump Day Hook blog post – I decided to brave it again as you were all so nice to me last week 🙂

For those of you who don’t know; Hump Day Hook is a blog-hop where authors share a paragraph of their work for your viewing pleasure each Wednesday. Go to the Hump Day Hook blog to find the rest of the crew just giving their hard written words away for free!

I am following on with my urban fantasy Foul is Fair from my last post where our girl was watching her client at the club:

Available FREE now!

Available FREE now!

He flirted with a skinny little punk boy whose wide kohl-lined eyes could be seen from all the way up here. While I watched my client, my eyes flicked over the crowd around him. Surveillance could be a bitch, but even though I was concentrating on the scene below me, I could still feel the witch hunter; watching me.

Cue the dramatic music! If you’re hooked, this little short is available as a free download from Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords Kobo and iTunes – but I can’t link to that as my PC hates Apple, or vice versa, sorry!

I hope you enjoyed this snippet and don’t forget to visit the main site. Happy humping!

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