Sci-Fi FANTASY Saturday! Woot!

Wowzers – where did this week go? It was pancake day and then Valentines and bam! Week over.

The weekend brings snippets from the science-fiction fantasy saturday blog-hop. This is your last chance (for a while) to see what is happening with that cat. In deference of TK and those other (lucky!) souls who know what is coming, I shall be posting from a different story next time. But for now here is a snippet of:

The Brinded Cat New

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Mrs McGinty hadn’t wanted to let me in and I’d had to wait patiently and pretend I couldn’t hear the whispered argument taking place between her and Fin, right in front of me.

She mock slapped Fin on the arm and I had to stifle a groan. It was gross to watch. I turned my attention back to the tree and spied the cat’s eyes hidden among the pine needles. It regarded me steadily.

The ladder was about twenty foot high and the cat was about another ten foot further up on a sturdy branch. I wasn’t worried about the cat falling, it looked quietly confident. Almost smug. It didn’t look stuck at all. Something about this scenario was bugging me.

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12 responses to “Sci-Fi FANTASY Saturday! Woot!

  1. It’s a trap! Still love the dual action going on in your snippets. A love fest on one end of the ladder and a sneak attack by a four legged assassin on the other. Great stuff.

  2. I had never heard that cats look smug before. I’ve heard other descriptions, but never smug. It does make a lot of sense, though. Looking forward to reading this story!

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