Night Blade by J.C Daniels

NightBladeThis is book #2 in the urban fantasy Colbana Files series. If you haven’t read Blade Song yet, then start there or this will make no sense, or very little, and anyway you’ll be missing out 😉

Night Blade sees Kit having to take a top secret mission to save her cat, Damon. It’s so hush-hush she can’t physically think about it without agonising consequences; so the alpha cat-man can’t know.

This has dire consequences for Kit – the kind of consequences that are difficult to read, but impossible to look away from. Real car-crash fiction. I was so upset that I cried and I don’t just do that with any book. It was moving and powerful and perfect. For most of this book I thought it was just normal, fun run-of-the-mill adventure-type UF, but shit got real.

I gave this 5 stars out of 5 because that is the most you can give a book on Goodreads.

I literally can not wait for the next one, Broken Blade, which isn’t due out until 2014 O_o I will seriously be harassing J.C Daniels, aka Shiloh Walker, to hurry that up!