Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday

Hey everyone – feels like I’ve been out of it for ages! I’m returning with a fresh work in progress which is totally unedited. This is the opener for a sequel I’m writing about Sam from my shorties, Foul is Fair and The Brinded Cat

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Click, click, click went the shutter. I had to take the photographs during the lull between passing cars. The black marks of burnt rubber stood out against the tarmac. I squatted and lightly touched my fingertips to the wet grit.

A horn blasted and a driver shouted, “Get off the road you stupid xxxxx.”

I gave him the one finger salute as I stepped back onto the curb and continued to study the tracks on the road. They seemed to just veer off into the lamppost for no apparent reason. I scribbled in my notebook to check with the garage again, but it couldn’t have been a technical fault as the brakes were clearly performing. Maybe a cat jumped out in front of them.

And that is your lot – don’t forget to check out the other writers taking part in the Sci-Fi Fantasy blog hop. Happy reading 🙂

21 responses to “Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday

  1. I like how it intertwines the past and present with the tire marks on the road signifying one and cars honking as they pass and having to take pictures between the passing cars the other. Nice.

    • The working title is Seraph’s Sister – not 100% in love with that though. Its precursor is called Death’s Daughter and is a full length Witch Hunter urban fantasy story featuring Sam, or Samhain if you’re in the Community 😉

  2. I love that we jump in at the scene of an accident that clearly involves some sort of mystery. Action starts immediately, so it’s immediately engrossing Great opening.

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