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I’m going to give you the opening lines to Death’s Daughter. I’ve never shared this on the blog before, but am interested in your take. It is a complete novel and for those of you who have read The Brinded Cat and Foul is Fair (bless your hearts!) this is Sam again and is set several years later. Enjoy!

Anne waved at me over the open grave. I nodded back. She had been trying to pin me down over the last couple of weeks to talk about lawyers and accountants. Fin had left the business and the crappy building it lived in to me, but I didn’t know why Anne seemed so pleased about it. I thought she would want to bury me along with her husband.

The droning priest had been a background soundtrack to the cold, November drizzle. I only realized he had stopped when the crowd streamed forward grabbing fistfuls of dirt to drop on the coffin. I could feel someone staring at me. That ticklish awareness at the back of my neck prickled and then burned. I turned and looked directly at a striking man staring me down.

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10 responses to “Sci-Fi Fantasy Saturday

  1. I’m glad to hear you’ve done a full novel for this story/character. That’s terrific news. Yay! Looking forward to it.

    Oh, and, you know, sometimes that ‘ticklish awareness’ is really a spider (eek!). Or does that only happen to me?

  2. Full-length novel? Is it available now? I want it!

    As for man staring at her, I can relate. I AM that creepy man that stares at women! (Did I actually type that?)

  3. Nice scene setting! I liked the line about the crappy business and the building it lived in – cool detail! Calling the priest droning and background noise sets a lot of attitude also. I agree with Patrick “The Creeper” Stutzman and definitely want to check it out.

  4. November drizzle? I am all in! Mention any sort of rain in fiction and I immediately enjoy it. I’m weird like that. I enjoy rain. 🙂

    Anyways! lol, nice mention of that feeling when someone is watching you. Aaaaand who is this man staring him down, I wonder.

  5. You killed off Fin?!! Noo… I quite like the old guy! Anyways…good stuff. Loved the details and the spider senses tingling. Ha! Patrick, you’re too funny!

  6. I loved Foul is Fair. And The Brinded Cat is still on my serious TBR list. I’m excited about Death’s Daughter–fantastic title. And I’m diggin’ the opening lines. Particularly the last one. Always a good start with a striking man. 🙂

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